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When I work with clay, I experience a beautiful sense of liberty and freedom. At once I feel closeness to Earth. Maybe, because ceramics and sculpture encompass the three elements of fire, earth and water. I find the sequential development of working on a large format incredibly exciting. The process of building, wrapping, unwrapping, then building again begins to demand responses, as does a ritual.  

   All of my pieces are hand built, and often in the process I leave my finger marks on the surface, depending on the dialog between the work and me. 

I love the timelessness of clay. Beneath the surface of the earth, shards of pottery and sculpture from ancient civilizations, lie there for us to ponder. Will our ceramic art be left hidden for another civilization to find in the distant future?  That's what I would like to think.

Rosemarie Lindstrom

Sculptor & Fine-Art Painter

For further information contact Rosemarie at or phone (081) 372-9442