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 Have you ever wished that you could draw, but said to yourself, "I can't even draw a straight line?" Then you are an ideal candidate for this adult drawing course.  


The course is based on the work done by Betty Edwards the author of "Drawing on the Right Side" and helps you to develop your creativity and practical drawing skills.

The duration of the course is 15 weeks (one night a week from 6 to 8.30pm) and will be held on Monday evenings. For details of the next starting date, please contact us. The cost is R1500 with a deposit of R500 required when booking, to secure your place. The balance must be paid by the first lesson.

Each person will need a drawing kit on arrival for the 1st lesson containing:
A printed sheet of art terms, a pad of A4 drawing paper, 3 drawing pencils (B2, B4 & B6), graphite stick, fine non-permanent black marker, pencil sharpener, eraser, plastic ruler, pencil case, masonite board 350x500mm, an A4 piece of clear glass with smooth edges, two plastic viewfinders, an A4 envelope and a hold all bag.
These kits are available on application from the studio @ R150 per kit, or should you wish, one could make up ones own. IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOU TO HAVE THIS KIT AT EVERY SUBSEQUENT LESSON.

You need to bring a small standing mirror large enough to comfortably see your face, to the first lesson.

The lessons are carried out in strict sequence and it is therefore imperative that you attend each lecture. If for some reason you miss a class please phone beforehand and make an appointment  with me so that you can catch up before the next lesson. This arrangement must be the exception rather than the rule as it requires that I find the time to implement this. You will not simply be able to slot in the following week. If for some reason it is impossible for you to catch up, you will have to join the following course at that point in the next trimester.

  Our contact details are: Rosemarie Lindstrom -  14 van Wyk Road, Glenanda, Johannesburg Tel. (011) 682-3889 – email: